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Interesting Article: Target vs Walmart?

Yahoo! Shopping posted an interesting article today comparing Target and Walmart in search of low prices. For the first time in four years their findings have shown that Target has a slight edge over Walmart in everyday low prices.

I know a lot of couponers shun Walmart because everyday low prices usually means you can never get an amazing deal. But, with Walmart’s new coupon policy that could change, right?
The article states:

Wal-Mart typically maintains a 2% to 4% price advantage over Target. But in January, Johnson noticed that some products were cheaper at Target.

That has continued into February, he said.

If you factor in additional discounts offered to Target’s Redcard customers, the savings gap widens more considerably between the two discounters.

Said Johnson, “When you add the Redcard’s 5% discount, the price gap widens to 5.7%.”

What do you think? Can you find better deals at Target vs. Walmart?


  1. I feel sometimes Target is a better deal…1) You can stack their coupons, 2) I love the 5% discount everytime I use my Debit RedCard. My sister bought hand weights at Walmart for $2.77 each. They are on sale at Target for $2.79 each plus my 5% discount made them $2.65 each. I shop both and probably always will since they do vary on what they sale. 😉

    • Good point, Kelly. I also can find really good (and many times free) deals by stacking their coupons. I find that because of this I shop at Walmart less and less. I mainly go there for items you can’t find coupons for because they usually are less expensive.

  2. I don’t care if Walmart is a better deal or not – it’s just not worth the hassle. Every few months or so I work up the courage to try them out again… only to have a miserable, time-wasting experience. Last week I had 4 different customer service agents and MANAGERS telling me different things about their coupon acceptance policy (one insisting that you could only use 1 catalina per customer per DAY!!! Are you crazy? While trying to clarify, they called the big boss at the store, the #2 guy, who said you can use them, but only one per transaction… still wrong, but guess what??? He didn’t pass the word on to the other managers and cashiers so that everyone would be informed and on the same page at the very least. You’d think an efficient store would have a more efficient way of training/informing employees.

  3. When i started couponing I stopped shopping at walmart because of the hassle and prices seemed to be higher and i do most of my shopping at target or smiths. I even noticed that winco was more expensive than target!!!