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Look what’s for dinner!

So tonight I made a meal that I haven’t made since I was first married and lived in our tiny apartment. It was kinda nostalgic really. Anyway, I forgot how much I liked it and it’s so cheap so I thought I would share. It’s a Pampered Chef recipe.

Pepperoni Pizza Twist
1 pkg(3.5 oz) pepperoni slices
1 can(3.25 oz)pitted ripe olives-drained and chopped
2 Tbsp snipped fresh parsley
1/2 cup(2 oz)shredded mozzarella cheese
2 Tbsp all-purpose flour
1 garlic glove, pressed
2 packages(11 oz each)refrigerated french bread dough
1 egg
1 tsp Italian seasoning
2 Tbsp grated fresh Parmesan cheese
1 can pizza sauce, warmed(optional)

Preheat oven to 375’F. Dice pepperoni. Chop olives. Snip parsley. Combine pepperoni, olives, parsley, mozzarella cheese, flour and garlic. Mix well.

Place bread dough, seam sides up, on cutting board. Using serrated bread knife, slice each loaf lengthwise, end to end, cutting halfway through the center of loaf; spread open flat. Roll dough crosswise to a 4-inch width, creating a well down center of each loaf.

Spoon half of the pepperoni mixture down center of each loaf. Gather up edges over filling, pinching firmly to seal. Place loaves, seam side down, in an x pattern on a greased cookie sheet. Crisscross ends of dough to form a lg figure “8”, keeping ends of dough 1 inch from edge of cookie sheet and leaving two 1 1/2 inch openings in center of twist.

Separate egg and discard yolk. Beat egg white with Italian seasoning, lightly brush over dough. Cut a 3-inch slit in each of the top sections of twist to reveal filling.

Grate Parmesan cheese over loaf. Bake 30-32 min’s or until a deep, golden brown. Remove from oven and cool 10 min’s. Cut into 16 slices. Serve with warm pizza sauce, if desired.

Ok, so it didn’t turn out as pretty as The Pampered Chef picture but I thought it still turned out pretty well. Good enough for me and so delicious.

*A few sides notes. I got the pepperoni with a coupon at Winco a few days ago.

Hormel Pepperoni 3.5 oz $1.55
.35/1 from SS 1/24
Final Price: $1.20

Also if you want to use the Pillsbury bread loaves that they recommend there is a coupon here.
Pillsbury bread loaves $2.48
.40/2 from Here
Final Price: $2.11 each. Must buy 2. And you will need 2 for this recipe.
(I think $2.48 was Winco’s price. It’s close anyway. I’m not quite sure because I didn’t end up buying it. This is what I use to use before my coupon days. Too expensive now. I bought Winco’s pizza dough for $1.50 and split it in half to make my loaves. If you made your own dough you could save even more.)

I had the kraft shredded cheese in my freezer from a previous sale where I got it super cheap. But if you don’t you can get some at Fred Meyer this week. 3/$5.

I also had a small can of chopped olives that I got for free after doublers at Albertsons some time ago. If you need olives however, use this coupon.
Lindsey olives $.99 at Winco
Use 1/2 from Here
Final Price: $.49 each. Must buy two.

I also found a jar of Ragu’ pizza sauce at Winco for $.99 cents.

Instead of fresh parsley I used dried and I used garlic powder instead of pressed. I also lightly brushed water on dough and then sprinkled on italian seasoning and cheese instead of using an egg.
Anyway, It turned out so delicious and cost me less then $5 including the sauce to dip it in. I paired it with a nice green salad.

You could also substitute what ever toppings you might have on hand. Ham and pinapple for example. I know both of these have been really cheap with coupons in the last little while.