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Love Map


A friend of mine made one of these awhile back, and I always thought it would be so fun to make one for my husband and I.  We met, married and lived in separate states, so it worked well for us.  Luckily I didn’t make it beforehand though, as we moved to a new state just a few months ago, and it would not have been current.  I just made it this week, and hopefully we will not be moving out of the state for a good long while :).    I did have a friend comment, that they had met on line, so she is going to make one with a computer as one of the “states” …lol!

You can adjust the size to how you want it, I wanted it to be a pretty big piece, so I used a long, vertical poster frame, about 36″x12″  You also have full control over the cost.  I almost purchased a frame at Hobby Lobby, for 3 times as much as I got this Poster frame for at Walmart.  My overall costs were less than $13.


IMG_6040 (700x467)

Outline of maps of the states where you met, married and live


red marker

scrap book paper

glue stick

long skinny frame


IMG_6042 (700x467)

First print off your states.  I found some decent sized maps of individual states on www.yourchildlearns.com.  I printed them out on regular printer paper, but it would be better if you used white card stock.

IMG_6044 (700x467)

I then outlined the states with a black sharpie and then cut them out.  I chose 3 different colors of paper for my background, but you can do it however you like.

IMG_6047 (467x700)

I attached the 3 pieces of paper how I wanted them to go in my frame.  I then trimmed them to size, as the paper was about 1/2 inch wider than the glass of my frame.

IMG_6046 (466x700)

I put a red heart over the area of the state where each event took place.

IMG_6045 (700x467)

 I then added the words “met,” “married,” and “live” on small pieces of paper, and glued them to each state.  I put a red heart over the area of the state where each event took place.  Glue the states and words onto your paper, and pop it in your frame, and you are good to go!

This was super easy to do, and would be a great gift for someone as well.