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Luvs Diapers: $3/pack – shipped to you!

This deal is a bit involved, but if you are pregnant like I am, and in stock up mode…you can’t pass it up! Plus you do it all from home, and save yourself the trip to the store and printing or ordering coupons. 
Here is a great deal on Luvs diapers from Diapers.com for new customers.  My favorite part about this deal, other than the price?  The diapers get shipped right to your door- and in a jiffy too.
Remember, you have to be a new Diapers.com customer to get the savings!
To get this deal:
1.  Sign in or register with ShopAtHome.com.  If you’re new to ShopAtHome, you’ll get $5 cash back credited to your account when you make your first purchase.
2.  Then search for Diapers.com on the ShopAtHome site.  Once you find it, access Diapers.com.  You’ll get 1.5% cash back on  your purchase total for using ShopAtHome.
3.  After you’ve landed at Diapers.com, sign up for an account.
4.  Search for Luvs diapers, and then add 7 jumbo packs to your cart.  These packs are priced at $6.99 each.  Total:  $48.93.  (You could substitute in Huggies or Pampers, if you prefer, but the price is going to be a bit higher.)
5.  To get free shipping, you need to get your total over $49, so search for a cheap filler item.  You can find several snack items for less than $3, safety swabs for $2.55, Nuk pacifiers for $2.29, and Pampers travel wipes for $1.99.
6.  Go to checkout, and use the coupon code 123DIAPERS to get $10 off your order.  If you ordered the Pampers travel wipes, your total would be $40.92.
7.  For placing your order, you’ll have the choice between a free Parentsmagazine subscription or a $14.97 rebate.  Subscriptions to Parents magazine are so easy to find free, so take the rebate (in my opinion).  Fill in and mail away this rebate form to get your check for $14.97.  The rebate will take awhile to come, so you’ll have to have some patience with it.  (I know I started to get antsy when mine didn’t come right away, but it did show up a few months down the road.)
After the rebate, your total for the 7 packs of Luvs diapers and travel wipes should be $25.95.  If you created a new ShopAtHome account for this deal, you’ll be getting $5 plus the 1.5% cash back too, making your actual total when it’s all said and done just $20.95.  That comes out to as low as $3.00 per pack and chalk the wipes up as free.  If you like to know the cost per diaper, it’s 8.3 cents each for a size 3, and even better for smaller sizes. If you aren’t  new to ShopAtHome, your cost per pack will be about $3.70.  Still a great deal!
Plus everything gets shipped right to your door.  Love it!