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Mel Says, “Save Me The Money!” 11/10

nov 11 020

My husband decided to tag along this week.  God love him. I think he is as bad and the children.  “Honey, can we get this?”  is still ringing in my ears.  It is hard to explain to a non-couponer that a “free” turkey with a $100 purchase is not a great deal if you buy $40 of random items to get you there.  Good thing he is so darn cute!

Fred Meyer

I love getting my Fred Meyer Rewards every quarter!  Not to mention the gas points!

Buy (4) FM 1/2 Gal Milk, $.99 each
Use in-ad coupon

Buy (3) Country Oven Bread, $1.33 each
Use in-ad coupon

Buy (2) FM Ravioli $.77 each
Use $.45/2 reward coupon

Buy (4) Navel Oranges, $1.45

Buy (2) FM frozen beans, $.79 each
Use $.40/2 FM frozen veg rewards coupon

Buy bananas, $1.80
Use $3 off $3 fresh produce rewards coupon

Buy (2) Haas avocados, $1 each

Buy Green Mountain K-Cups, $6.99
Use $1/1 Blinkie

Buy Int. Delight Creamer, $2.99
Use $1/1 blinkie

Buy (2) Toys, $2 each
Use (2) $2 off $2 toys rewards coupon

Buy Apriva $4.59
Use $.70/1 Apriva rewards coupon

Buy Bartlett Pears, $.98/lb

Buy (6) FM Canned Broth, $.33 each
Use in-ad coupon

Buy(2) FM Canned Fruit, $1 each
Use $.40/2 FM Can Fruit rewards coupon

Use $17.64 Reward Coupon
Pay $11.29 (78% savings!)

Before Rewards and Coupons: $52.44


Transaction 1-3
Buy Puracyn Foot Wash, $9.99
Use $8 RR from last week
Pay $1.99
Get $10 RR

Total OOP: $5.97 (87% Savings!)
Before Coupons: $44.97
RR for next week: $30

Rite Aid

I was a little unimpressed with the deals this week…and last week.  (Likely they are sitting tight for the AMAZING BF Deals!) But I had $30 in +Ups expiring, so I hit the clearance shelves!  I love to do this from time to time.  I can stock up on stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or other random items at a great price!

Buy Shticky Lint Roller (we have 3 cats and a dog) $4.99

Buy Samurai Knife Sharpener, $5.49

Buy Power Pumpkin Carver, $1.99

Buy (4) Jumbo Book covers, $.73 each

Buy Fashion Hair Extension, $1.49

Buy Picture Frame, $1.99

Buy Sunscreen Gift Pack, $3.49

Buy (6) Gift Card Holders, (these will be great for the gift card deals coming up at Walgreens Black Friday!) $.49 each

Buy (2) RA Paper Plates 24 ct, (BOGO 50% off) $3.39

Use $30 +Ups

Pay $.40 (99% Savings!)

Before Coupons: $71.74
No +Ups for next week, though!


Sigh…this is where hubby killed us.  But I made him pay!

Buy (2) EE Olives, $.99 each

Buy (2) EE Oatmeal, $.99 each

Buy EE Powder and Brown Sugars, $.99 each
Use in-ad coupon

Buy Thomas Bagels, $3.29
Use $1/1 Peelie

Buy (2) EE Cream of Chicken soup, $.89 each

Buy EE Cottage Cheese and Sour cream, $1.99 each

Buy (3) Dozen Egss, $.99 each
Use in-ad coupon

Buy (2) Frozen Birds Eye Veg, $1 each
USe (2) $1/1 Birds Eye Printable

*Screaming hot deal!
Buy (3) Packages Seasoned Chicken Breast, $17.34 each
Use B1G2 monthly in-ad coupon (these are hanging in end caps at my store!)

Buy Bagged Spinach, $2.50

Buy Strawberries, $2.50

Buy (2) Roasted Chickens, $5.99 each

Buy Turkey, $21.56
Use Free Turkey with $100 purchase in-ad coupon

Subtotal: $127.03
Very important!  Hold ALL other coupons until Turkey coupon is scanned!

Then hand over the coupons…

Pay: $60.00 (53% Savings)