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Mohawk Flooring~ Rug Review and a Giveaway Too!

We’ve lived in our home for almost 5 years and are STILL trying to “move in”. We are a military family that is constantly on the run so, we add to our home little by little. We are SO slow that it took us 4 years of living in this house before we bought a couch!

Even with a couch (and a nice wall mounted flat screen television) I rarely spent time in our living room because it always seemed so “cave-like” and cold. The only time I’d ever willingly spend time there was to hang out with my husband. Even our dogs didn’t enjoy being in that room! If they did go, it was only to be with us and as hard as we tried, they refused to be anywhere but on the couch. They even passed up lying down in the most comfortable leather and Sherpa lined dog bed! Then Mohawk rugs changed our lives!

I received the most BEAUTIFUL rug from Mohawk! I have to admit, I was a little worried about having a rug since our house is a strange mix of brown floors, tan walls, and black baseboards but I couldn’t believe how this rug pulled the entire room together while changing the entire mood of the room! First off, it instantly lightened up the area. For the first time ever, the room didn’t feel like a cave!

I’m completely embarrassed to show what my room looked like before the Mohawk rug but you have to see the difference for yourself…

Look at this after shot!

Even my couches look nicer!

Pretty amazing difference huh?

The rug actually made the small living area look bigger!

It doesn’t even look like the same place when you compare it to that first picture!

The added bonus was that the room literally warmed up! I could actually sit in the room with my feet snug on the floor instead of buried under a blanket! My dogs seemed to notice too because they finally got off the couch!! See?

This rug is unbelievably soft! Everyone wound up on the floor within a matter of 15 minutes of putting the rug in place.

I was so happy with this beautiful rug that I became a bit neurotic and watched it like a hawk (no pun intended). Three days later my fears were realized. I hear “Babe? Um, I think I messed up”. Instantly I freaked because he was sitting on the couch already and I knew he did something to the carpet. Then I hear the dreaded “I forgot to take my boots off”. NOOOOO! Mind you, we are farmers and boots that don’t come off means that cow stuff and mud get tracked in right along with the farmer. So I ran over and saw a trail of mud droppings all over the carpet! I grabbed my vacuum as fast as I could and expected to be on my knees brushing out the stains for the next few hours but after a quick vacuum over the carpet, there wasn’t a speck of mud left! The rug came clean in a matter of seconds! I was sold at that very second! I can honestly say I will NEVER own another brand of rug!

So, if you are ever in the market for a rug that is TOTALLY worth the money, be sure that it’s a Mohawk. You will NOT be disappointed! Visit Mohawk Flooring to check out their awesome selections of tile, vinyl, carpet, and area rugs!

Oh and guess what?

Now that you’ve read this review, you can enter to win an AWESOME American made Mohawk carpet!!

Aren’t you glad you read this?! 🙂

You have THREE DAYS to enter!! All you have to do is tell us how you would use your Mohawk rug! Leave a response in the comments section under this post to be entered!!

You have until 11:59 pm Sunday, November 18, 2012 to win a Mohawk carpet!! Lucky you!

Please remember to like, share, and tweet this post. 🙂

Thank you, everyone! This giveaway is now CLOSED!


  1. diane givens says:

    I would totally use it in my den when I get my new wood floors.

  2. I would put it in my bedroom. I have hard wood floors in my bedroom, which is on the second story, my room gets sooo cold in the winter. I think a rug would not only help it look better, but my feet wouldn’t be so cold. 🙂

  3. I’m buying my first home and could really use help with furniture. This rug would absolutely spruce up a small empty living room.

  4. Maria Haddon says:

    My living room looks like your before picture. Couch on hardwood floors. Would love a rug to brighten the room and add warmth.

  5. Nicole Camara says:

    My bedroom looks a lot like your before picture. It needs a nice rug to warm and cozy it up!

  6. My family room is looking bland. I would use a rug to add some color.

  7. I would use it to warm up my hard wood floored dining area.

  8. In my living room

  9. I would LOVE a rug in our living room, it would really brighten up the space and make it feel more like home 🙂

  10. I would LOVE it in our family room to give it a better look!

  11. We are building a new house and that rug would go perfect in the living room!!

  12. Traci Stites says:

    I would love to have this beautiful rug to cover my terrazzo,
    Then eventually get the beautiful wood that is under the rug. Good luck everyone!

  13. Cynthia Farrell says:

    This may be a bit different but I have a kitchen with wood floors that totally needs a rug to make it look more cozy.

  14. angela green says:

    would love to have it, its very nice

  15. rachael streeter says:

    I would love this in my family room to sit on while we play games.

  16. I would use it in our living room. We have the tan, apartment grade, wall-to-wall carpet that is so boring! Budget wise (and little kid wise) we need to wait to upgrade to hardwood so this would be a great way to cover and add color while we wait.

  17. I would use it to spruce up my living room.

  18. We are going to put hardwoodflooring in the kitchen and living room, so I would put the rug in my living room.

  19. I would use the beautiful mohawk rug to spruce up my fiance’s bachelor pad! These nice earth tones would put the perfect touch without being feminine!

  20. i would put it in my living room! it would match my couches!

  21. Mai Youa Lo says:

    I would definitely put it in my living room. I have a U shape sofa sitting on plain hardwood floors. With the cold weather we wake up to freezing cold room and floors. I would love to win the rug to give my living room a nice warm but yet contemporary look.

  22. Jennifer S. says:

    I have been wanting a rug for my living room floor for the same reason you love yours. We have ceramic tile and a rug would look great. I just haven’t found one I really loved.

  23. I would love to use it in my living room!

  24. I would use it in my kids room. Finally we are making that space theirs and they are getting new built in bunk beds and a rug would look perfect in front of their new beds.

  25. Need…NEED new flooring..

  26. New flooring will keep me from buying a new house lol!

  27. Cheryl Fisher says:

    I just took out the white carpeting in the living room and hallway. Whoa! After ten years, white carpeting isn’t so white any more. There was beautiful oak flooring under the padding. The couch and chairs look nice on the floor as a goup but, it looks a bit cold even with the bright sunlight coming through the front windows. It needs the POP of color and warmth with the presence a Mohawk rug! What great timing for a giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. Would love a beautiful sturdy rug for the living room on top of our hardwood.

  29. I would use in my living room!!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  30. I would use it in my family room.

  31. Oh my home is in desperate need for rugs. We put laminate down a few years ago but never got any rugs. Would love a mohawk rug.

  32. A rug would pull my family room together.

  33. Christine M. says:

    I would use the Mohawk rug downstairs in my family room. We had a flood downstairs and have to put in new flooring and an area rug would be perfect! Thanks for this awesome give away!

  34. Jennifer Svedin says:

    I have a play room and a family room that both have rugs that need to be replaced, I have hardwood floors in my playroom and we love having a rug in there.. we have been trying to find one that would work in there!

  35. I would love to use one in our living room!

  36. It would so go in my den. We have tile in there now along with a patio door = brrr. This would help our tootsies.

  37. Our house use to be a store about 20 yrs ago. So below our living room is a LOWER basement. Not the basement but, a LOWER BASEMENT all concrete and our living room is so cold. We get drafts from all over the place we tried caulking, and insulating. but, we are still freezing in the winter time maybe this would keep some of the cold air downstairs. It would be so nice not to have to watch tv with our winter clothes and blankets on.

  38. Our entire house is hardwood floors. It’s beautiful, but cold, especially now that it is getting to winter (our first winter in this house). I’d love one for our living room to help warm our house up 🙂


  39. My house really needs a rug like this. We have wood flooring in most of the home. One of the rooms is my sons. This rug would help keep his little feet warm when running around and playing!

  40. One of these rugs would really perk up my office space. It is very blah… we have a very neutral color scheme… a little style and life is needed!

  41. I would use it in our living area. Our daughter has to play on bare wood right now so she would LOVE a warm rug:)

  42. I love your before and after picture! I feel the rug would do the same to our living space. We installed laminate floors a year ago and while I do not miss the dingy carpet I do miss the warmth a rug/carpet adds to a room not to mention the warmth under our feet!

  43. Ingrid Struemph says:

    Anything to cover up our old carpet!

  44. You’re new rug looks sooo good in your living room!! I would really like one of those in my foyer!! I hope I win!!!!! 😉

  45. THIS WOULD BE AMAZING! I have wanted an area rug in my living room for a couple years but havent had the extra money for a nice one. We have hard wood floors and they are always cold in the winter. This would brighten up the room and warm it up.Your rug is gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity.

  46. We have no carpets in most of the room in our house, only subflooring…. so it would go into the little girls bedroom….

  47. I’d put one in our living room. We have laminate flooring and a rug would look great in the middle.

  48. I need one just like this in my living room…… leather couches and hard wood too.

  49. I would update a bedroom with it.

  50. I would love a new rug…especially one that will withstand my kids!!

  51. Donna Edmunds says:

    Our living room feels cold as well because, so far I have been unable to commit to a rug, would love to win this!

  52. I would use the rug to add color to a very beige living area!

  53. I’ve been in our house for almost 1yr and haven’t found a rug I love to put in the living room on our hardwood floors. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!

  54. heather biers says:

    A Mohawk rug would be so perfect on my cold tile floors. Especially before the chilly Christmas months here in Florida;) it really can get cold here. As a matter of fact. Its 49 degrees right now. Brrrr

  55. I could so replace an old and outdated rug with a new Mohawk one! I wanna win!!!

  56. Sarah Howard says:

    I would love this for my living room! I need something that can withstand kids and cats!

  57. In the family room to cover the ups and downs our sub-floor is now performing

  58. I would use this rug in my living room. The rug looks perfect.

  59. Amanda Jacobson says:

    I think I would put it in our living room for 2 reasons….break up the huge amount of nasty evergreen carpet and to give my baby somewhere to play on the floor.

  60. It would be in my living room! Warm, cozy and tie everything together? That’s what I need!

  61. I would put it in our living room. We have a carpet remnant in there now, and a nice rug would definitely look better 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

  62. Heather Rowlands says:

    I would use my new Mohawk rug in my living room it would definitely spruce it up! 🙂

  63. I would put it in my desperately in need of a makeover living room!

  64. I need a new rug in the tv room. That space takes a beating between the kids and pets.

  65. Julie Dellemonache says:

    I would love to have that in my living room. Have an older carpet that has seen its days and a cover up would be fantastic until I can afford new carpeting or hardwood floors that I want so bad!!!

  66. I would use it in our bedroom which needs to have “warmer” floors!

  67. I need one large enough to satisfy four cats…and get them off my furniture!!

  68. Courtney V. says:

    To cover up all the stains from our dog and toddler!!

  69. I would use it in our living room to cozy up the bare laminate wood floors.

  70. Alessandra Smith says:

    My living room is begging for a new rug! It would definitely go there. 🙂

  71. Joanna McGaugh says:

    I would use it in my living room on my cold hardwood floors.

  72. sherry ebel says:

    I would love to put a rug down in my sons room. When the dogs move around on the laminate wood floor, all you can hear is clicky click click. UGH! drives me nuts!

  73. Just pulled up our carpet in our family room and put down laminate. Definitely need a good rug now!

  74. I need a good rug to bring some color to the living room.

  75. Robin Cooper says:

    It would look lovely in my family room as I play with my 6 grandchildren. The 7 month old is crawling everywhere-how nice to crawl and play on this beautiful rug!

  76. I would definitely use it to brighten up my shabby looking living room space. A bit of a face lift is needed (or floor lift).

  77. I have no carpet in my house. This would be perfect for my baby to learn to crawl on. If she’s anything like my first, there will be a face plant or two before she gets the hang of it. 🙂

  78. Rachel Dunn says:

    Love this rug! Would use it to warm up my living room too! Thank you!

  79. I’m changing the look in my living room and definitely would like to start with a new rug.

  80. I would use it in the dinning room to replace the cream rug the former owners left. We have hard wood floors but they need to be redone.Cream carpet and 2 boys do not mix.

  81. We recently converted a spare bedroom into a craft room for me and the kiddo. A new rug in there would be a perfect touch! Thank you for the opportunity!

  82. I need a rug to replace the sad sad rug we currently have in the family rm!

  83. Shawna Spaulding says:

    I would love this in my living room

  84. Hi!! This is a beautiful rug!! I am 23 years old and am getting married on December 29th, 2012 ( 41 one days away lol but who’s counting) Anyways I would put this in our very first apartment. I live in spartanburg SC, but I am moving to Knoxville TN because my fiancé is in grad school there. We will have a small place with lots of hand me down furniture. This rug would really make our place feel like a home. The plates we registered for have that same blue and red color scheme going on, so it wouldn’t make our place feel so miss matched. Anyways, please pick us…this rug would be used for years and years and we’d be forever grateful.

  85. Teresa Moody says:

    I have a couple of options but my first choice would be in the living room which needs a new look and some spucing up.

  86. I would put it under our dining room table since the one there now is getting very worn!

  87. Renee Carnes says:

    That rug would go great in our living room and completely match our couch.

  88. Holly McCormick says:


  89. I would use if in my living room, it always seems to be cold in there. Hopefully this would warm it up. Also, the room is small, maybe it would give the illusion of being even bigger.

  90. We just moved into our first apartment! I would use this in our ‘cozy’ living room to add some color and good vibes :]

  91. I would use it in my Bathroom!! That floor is COLD!

  92. Oh man! I would love this in front of our fireplace in our living room! It’s beautiful

  93. I would use a Mohawk rug in our living room. Everything is dark, cave like and cold. I’ve been wanting a nice rug to make it cozier!

  94. Carolee Sanguedolce says:

    Would love a beautiful Mohawk rug to place under my dining room table. We had hardwoods put down almost a year ago & I’ve yet to get a rug!

  95. I could definitely use a new rug in my bedroom. My husband and I are still using my old rug from my college dorm room and it has definitely seen better days!

  96. Jeanie Harrison says:

    I would love, love a Mohawk rug to accent my living room or even bedroom!

  97. We just installed hard wood floors and really need a rug in our livingroom for our 4 boys to play on. Thank you!

  98. Jessica Bingham says:

    I would use this in my living room!!

  99. I would put it in our family room for warmth, and to go with our leather sectional. My dog would love it too!

  100. I would put it in our living room!!

  101. It would be great in the living room!! 🙂

  102. It would go in our family room.

  103. It would go in our family room. The old one has had it!

  104. Ashley Melancon says:

    I would definitely put it in my living room. I have hardwood floors throughout my house and I think it would warm up the room! Having an area rug may be just what my drab living room needs 😉

  105. This rug is beautiful! We just moved into a home with all hardwood floors. The house echos so bad. We need a beautiful rug to cut down on the noise!

  106. We are in desperate need of a rug!!

  107. ME ME ME!!!! Me and my husband are so desperate for a rug in our living room to liven our way to neutral room!!!!

  108. I really need a rug in our bland dining room under our table. There is no color in that room at all except the brown table. Please pick me 🙂

  109. Beatrice Penna says:

    I would put the rug in the living room,because this is where the family is 75% of the time.

  110. I would gift this beautiful rug to my daughter! It would look great in her home.

  111. I would use my mohawk rug by putting it in my room! The bare floors get cold in the winter. Thanks so much for the chance! 🙂

  112. Sharon Flasche says:

    I would love to have a rug in my living room, to pull it together like yours, I also have a combination of browns and love this rug. thanks

  113. Sarah Moses says:

    My son is in desperate need of new carpeting in his bedroom. This would definitely do the job.

  114. angela B. gladu says:

    I would love it in my living room!

  115. Sandra Guzman says:

    We just bought our fist home and really need a rug for our wood floor!