Okay ladies for those of you who want to drop any hints into your husbands ears for mother’s day, here is a good one. I recently had a massage at Moorhouse Chiropractic office a gift for my birthday. Done by a certified massage therapist not the Chiropractor.

They are running a mother’s day special on massages. Get 2 one hour massages for $60.00. This is a $30 dollar savings and it is so wonderful. Teresa is the only massage therapist there and she is wonderful. Not to hard, not to soft…doesn’t talk you ear off and will let you fall asleep if you want to. So put a bug in your husbands ear for a relaxing treat that every mother deserves.

Moorhouse Chiropractic office is located in the Alpine Point Business park off of Eagle Road between Ustick and McMillian. Phone is 938-2992