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Must Read!! Awesome Chiropractic Deal

I’m about to try and sell all of you pretty hard, so get prepared :). I will not get paid or receive any sort of commission if you do this, I just REALLY believe in it and want everyone else to enjoy the benefits!

Some of you may have noticed on the left sidebar, a button for Live Well Chiropractic. Dr. Lane Cable wants to offer all Discount Queen readers an exclusive special:

Exam, X-ray, and first treatment all for $20!

I thought this was a pretty good deal so I took him up on his offer and sent my husband and 3 year old to his office (located behind Krispy Kream on Fairiew/Eagle). (I wanted to wait to endorse Dr. Cable in a post until I had made sure I actually liked him and his services:).

My husband LOVED it! He thinks it is “worth every penny”! Anyone who knows my husband is in shock right now because he is literally the most financially conservative person I know (and this is coming from his wife who clips $.25 coupons!).

He has actually had some minor back pain for years, probably due to sitting at a desk all day, or maybe too much church basketball :). After his treatment, he came home feeling much more “comfortable.” I’m not kidding! One alignment and he is already feeling better! He was super friendly and was very concerned about his total care. He also gave a BUNCH of at home advice and excersices.

I’m a firm believer in chiropractic care! After suffering neck and head injuries in a car accident years ago, I received some chiropractic treatments that honestly worked better than any of the pain medications. and provided actual long term releif from serious, debilitating headaches. It was the only way I found releif.

Some reasons you may want to stop in to Dr. Cables:

True story: My cousin could not even go outside if a neighbor was mowing his lawn. His allergies were that bad. A few treatments later, he can now mow his OWN lawn with no problem. I’m serious people!

I’m not saying you will be cured of all or any of these issues by visiting Dr. Cable, but, you never know until you try. $20 is less than my co-pay for a consultation with a M.D. or D.O. (both of which I also support visiting 🙂 – we have a few of those in my family as well -so no offense!).

ALSO, if you want to bring you kids in (which I of course recommend doing as well :)) Dr. Cable only charges 2 X the child’s age if the parent is his client! So, if your kid is 2 = $4!

Click HERE to visit his site or call 208-884-0272
Tell him your from Discount Queens to receive the special price!