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“No nonsense” Tips for Wearing Leggings and Tights

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

“No nonsense” Tips for Wearing Leggings and Tights

By Amy Larson and Style Expert Sarah Nash

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fashion diva. Some days, I’m lucky if I even match. But when No nonsence sent me a pair of both leggings (purple) and tights (basic black), I was willing to give this fashion thing a go. I wore the purple leggings and felt more modern than I had in decades, important for someone like me who is out in the business world a lot. I have to tell you, I got a lot of compliments on the day that I wore them, and I felt pretty sassy, too. The black tights became a must-have with a ton of my outfits, and they were so cute that my daughter kept trying to steal them out of my dresser drawer. She asked to borrow the leggings, too, and it wasn’t any surprise. We both loved the purple color and the soft, plush feel.

I asked my friend and style expert, Sarah Nash, (who is like my own, local Jill Martin, the lady who rocks the wardrobe world with her famous fashionesse) about her take on leggings and tights. I had a pair of each from No nonsense to play with. We put together some outfits, and then she added further tips for leggings and tights-savvy living:

“Leggings and tights are everywhere in the winter, they’re definitely one of the hottest things out there in the cold, but you’ll want to wear them without looking like an extra from a jazzercise video.  With a few simple tips and tricks, they might just become a staple of your winter wardrobe.

The workhorses of winter hosiery are thick black tights.  They go with everything and can be as casual or as formal as your own personal style.  Plus, they are very flattering, hiding a variety of what I like to call ‘dietary sins’ (mine is chocolate) and elongating your leg line when paired with black heels. For the office, they allow you to take your adorable summer outfits into the fall and winter without the necessity of trying to match them to your sometimes blue, frostbitten legs. We paired ours with a bright and colorful dress that had just a bit of black to tie in and topped the outfit with a black scarf and boots.

You want to use a little more finesse when you’re styling leggings, because they fall into a bit of a no-man’s land.  They are thicker than tights, making them much more of a standalone item clothing-wise, and yet they don’t fall into pants territory. Styled correctly, though, they can flatter just about every body type.  The first rule, and probably the most important in wearing leggings (and actually in life), is to cover your backside.  Make sure you wear a shirt, dress, or long sweater that covers that area completely.  And play with proportions.  If the leggings are tight, wear a looser shirt with belt to accentuate and define your waist, giving you an hour glass shape.


One of the biggest trends is colored leggings. For legging newbies, they might seem like the hardest to style, but they are actually pretty easy.  That’s because the best way to style them is to keep it simple and use them as a “pop” of color in an otherwise neutral outfit. If that is still too bright for you, wear them with a pair of high boots and a skirt so that only a few inches of color show.  However, if you’re feeling daring, use the colored tights with equally bright outfits.  When in doubt, the best advice is this: ‘If a color combination works in nature, it will work for you.’”

Thanks for the great fashion advice, Sarah, and thank you No nonsense for the trial run of your fun colored leggings and tights. I love ‘em, and will be looking for more super-affordable leggings and tights at the many locations you’re in like food, drug, and mass retail stores.

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