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Party Centerpieces Made Easy

My sister and I had so much fun making these centerpieces for less than $3.00 for her daughters birthday party.  We had a blast trying to come up with something for the Mardi Gras part of Princess Tiana themed party.

Materials needed

- White paper cups (dollar store) I used the small party cups about 5 inches high but you can use any size you wish

-  Tissue paper (any color for the flowers)

-  Glue Gun

-  Confetti

-  Green metallic shreds (really you can use whatever color you like)

-  Bamboo Skewers (dollar store)

-  Floral foam (Comes in many different sizes you can cut it down to the size you need also found at the dollar store)

-  Floral wire

-  Tape

-  Elmer’s glue

-  Curling ribbon (dollar store)




You start out by placing Elmer’s glue all over the side of your paper cups, this is to attach your confetti.



Next you cover you cup with confetti and let dry, move onto the next one.


You can make as many as you need or want.  While you are waiting on your cups to dry you can make your flowers and paint your bamboo skewers.

I painted my skewers a green color to represent a green stem.

To make your flowers you cut about 9 sheets together in the shape of a rectangle.  The more sheets you use stacked together the fluffier and bigger your flower will be.  Don’t be affraid to play around with the size and find what works for you.  I made these with a 6 by 9 inch rectangle.  You can make your flowers bigger or smaller to fit your needs or the size of cups you use.  Next you fold together all 9 sheets in the shape of a fan accordian style.  Once you fold the tissues together yours should look like the following pictures.



I then cut a half circle on each end of the tissue while it is folded to create the pedals.


Next you take a piece of wire about 4 inches long and wrap around the middle of the tissue.



Then you start to separate you tissue one sheet at a time to fluff your flower.


Once your flower is fluffed up you attach the bamboo skewer to the bottom with the remaining wire and I placed a piece of tape around the wire to hold in place, you could also use your hot glue gun.


I created 3 flowers for each cup (centerpiece).  Once I had my flowers complete I cut a piece of floral foam to fit
inside of each cup and used the hot glue gun to keep in place.


I then added Metallic Green Shreds (you can find the party shreds in many colors at your local dollar store to fit your needs) to the inside of the cup.  I then placed 3 flowers, which were attached to the bamboo sticks, into the cups using the floral foam to keep them in place.


To finish off the centerpieces I used curling ribbon in coordinating colors to tie off around the top of the cup and curled for a finished look.


These can be made to fit any occasion and colors to your liking.  You will have so much fun as your imagination will be going crazy designing so many different color variations.  I hope you enjoy. As always Happy Crafting!


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