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PetHub: Find Your Dog with the Scan of a Tag! This is a MUST for Pet Owners!

I’m not going to pretend like I don’t see my dogs as my children. For many of us, they were the first (or only) children we’ve had or will ever have. So, losing one of them is not something that is easy to think about. That’s why I’m SO GLAD I found PetHub!


 PetHub has given us another reason to be thankful for smartphone technology. Now, if your baby gets lost, all it takes is a simple scan of their tag to get them back home to you. Each PetHub pet tag has a QR Code (quick response code) on the back.

 IMG_8266 1

Once you buy a tag and register, the QR Code on the back of the tag will be linked to your profile. When your pet is lost, a simple scan of the tag will bring up this information as well as the PetHub 24 hour call center number. But, it gets better!

 Should you decide you want a little more protection, you can upgrade your Bronze (standard) membership to the Silver level. At this level, an “Amber Alert” will be given out the minute your dog’s ID is scanned. You will instantly receive an email notification alert AND GPS mapping from the scanner’s phone! You can then check the map and get directions to the location your pet was found all for $39 a year (that’s only $3.95 a month)! Isn’t this fantastic?! As if this membership wasn’t great already, ALL of your pets can be added under this plan with no additional fees! Now, I have three dogs so this is a fantastic money saver for me!

 Pet parents, this is a no-brainer. If you want your dog to have the best in protection (yes, this is more coverage than the injectable IDs), you need to head to PetHub. Right now, you can get a tag for as low as $7.55 with a FREE Bronze Membership.

 If you want to take advantage of the Silver membership like I am, you need to do it fast! They will be changing their fees soon!

I promise, your babies will thank you! Mine did. 🙂

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