Pull Up’s for $ 3.50 a package at Walgreens…

After the Albertson’s diaper deal, I cringe when I have to pay than $ 1.33 for diapers, but sadly, I am running low, so when I figured out I could get them for
$ 3.50, I thought, ” It’s still a great deal, just grab a few of them.”
I am really late posting this, but you still have a few days to see if your walgreens have things in stock.
The Pull ups are priced 2 for $ 20.00 with a $ 2.00 RR PLUS we have $ 3.00 off coupons too!
The Glucose monitors are FREE after our manufactured coupon PLUS you recieve a
$ 5.00 RR!! (I donate these to a shelter/friends in need)

So this is what I did in 2 transactions:

# 1- Bought glucose monitor for $ 14.99. Used my Up to $ 30.00 off manufactured coupon and it dedcuted $ 14.99 = FREE, paid .90 for tax. Received a $ 5.00 RR!

# 2- Bought 2 Pull Ups for $ 20.00- $ 6.00 in manufactured coupons- $ 5.00 RR from monitor & then received a $ 2.00 RR from the diapers that I can use on my next purchase!
Like paying $ 7.00 for both after coupons & RR’s! Not the best deal, but outside of the coupon world, $ 3.50 for diapers is pretty good!

Good luck!