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Restaurant Roundup

Dairy Queen- Don’t forget….Dairy Queen’s Biggest Giveaway Tomorrow, March 9. Check the DQ Mini Blizzard Treatment tomorrow, March 9, for the biggest giveaway from Dairy Queen!

Panda Express– Head on over to Panda Express’s Facebook page,  and you’ll be able to print a coupon for a FREE Golden Treasure Shrimp meal.  This is good only tomorrow, 3/9.

Starbucks– FREE Petite Dessert with Drink Purchase at Starbucks On March 10-12! Go HERE for details.

McDonalds– FREE McDonalds Premium Salad with a purchase of Happy Meal! Get a McDonalds Buy One Happy Meal Get a FREE Premium Salad coupon by earning 50 points (normally 100 points) at Recyclebank. If you don’t have a Recyclebank account yet, sign up HERE.

Wendy’s– Wendy’s: $1 Coupon after sign-up! Sign-up for WendyMail and get a $1.00 coupon! People are reporting getting different coupons, some for $1 off any item on the dollar menu which equals FREE after coupons!

Haagen-Dazs– Head over to Facebook to get a FREE Midnight Dazzler from Haagen-Dazs!

Restaurant.com– Last Day!! 80% off at Restaurant.com – New Code. Go HERE for details.


  1. Shoshannah says:

    I checked two locations of Dairy Queen in our area for the free mini Blizzard, and they both told me the free blizzard was a bogus deal. Someone made that up fradulently.

  2. Shoshannah says:

    Here is the article confirming the fraud advertising on the part of Dairy Queen!!

    Dairy Queen Giveaway: Promotion Misled Mini Blizzard Fans
    March 09, 2011 04:05 PM EST
    The latest Dairy Queen giveaway has entered with a thud! According to promotional literature distributed by Dairy Queen, the “Mini Blizzard Treatment” was to be the “biggest giveaway in Dairy Queen history.” The restaurant touted free stuff and a countdown timer on a special promotion website to energize their base of fans. For a week, the Dairy Queen Facebook page was filled with comments from curious customers. The Dairy Queen promotion was set to begin midday on March 9.

    Dairy Queen Giveaway: Countdown Timer

    When the clock reached zero on the promotional website, nothing happened. The clock stayed at zero and no mention of prizes, giveaways or sweepstakes was to be found on the Facebook fan page. Pretty soon, Blizzard fans who had staked the site in anticipation of gaining some free Mini Blizzards, other free goodies or prizes sounded their discontent and confusion. Instead of generating excitement about the latest product launch, the Dairy Queen promotion for Mini Blizzards was being called a scam or false advertising.

    Dairy Queen Giveaway: Technical Glitch

    A note from Dairy Queen posted several hours after the promotion was supposed to start noted “The Internet is good, but not good enough. You sneaky fans brought down our site…so now you’ll have to wait longer.” It appears the technical staff was unprepared for the traffic onslaught the Diary Queen giveaway brought to their website.

    Dairy Queen Giveaway: The Announcement

    Once the Dairy Queen website was operational, fans were greeted with a page announcing a group of “Mini Blizzard Treatsmen” and another countdown timer set to end on March 15th. An announcement on the Dairy Queen Facebook page mentioned a video contest for a chance to win one of 6 new Mini Cooper Countryman vehicles. Fan reactions to the announcement were mixed, but most were disappointed to have waited for hours to be faced with another timer and a promotion requiring a video camera.

    Dairy Queen Giveaway: Marketing Fiasco

    While most businesses face technical difficulties, this underestimation by Dairy Queen is fairly remarkable. Not preparing for a significant increase in traffic caused by a free giveaway starting at a specific time is an epic fail. Additionally, the response posted by Dairy Queen placing blame on their fans is no way to keep disappointed participants happy. A quick response and a well-crafted message thanking fans for their patience would have been a more appropriate stance.

    The biggest marketed blunder in the Dairy Queen promotion is the big build up to a special giveaway on March 9th, only to delay it for another week. All in all, this Dairy Queen giveaway giveaway is bound to end up in marketing textbooks as a classic case of what not to do for a special promotion.

    • Another failed atempt at a giveawawy on Facebook. You think teh companies would catch on and be prepared for the traffic increase at this point :). Oh well… maybe they will give us all free blizzards now :).