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Saturday Easter Craft

So being Saturday today ( and looking out my window at 6 am seeing snow…) I thought I would post a little tutorial on my favorite Easter Baskets. Today might just be a craft day! My family is famous for making these little lovelies called DREAM BASKETS. If you know what Enrichment night is – you have most likely made these before! However, we have taken them to a decorating extreme! And you should too – its a super fun, cheap way to make an Easter Basket that will last forever!

Best of all??? NOW is the time to make these: Joanns is having a huge sale on everything you need. Check out these Joanns Coupons to save on supplies! (get them in store). You can also get the string from Walmart or Michaels. (Michaels has the biggest color selection…)

You will need:
Balloons, String, Sugar/Water, and decorations for the top!

Step One: Wrap the string tightly around your balloon. The less balloon showing the better!

Step Two: Roll the wrapped balloon in a thick mixture of sugar and water. You can do this in the sink in a large bowl. Just make sure everything is covered well – and it looks completely sugared!

Step Three: Hang your balloons up to dry someplace safe. In a coset with good ventilation, in a shower that can be off limits for 2 days, wherever you can spare!

I hang mine from a thick plastic coat hanger.

Remember to put something underneath to catch the sugar drips!

Once your Balloons are dry….

Cut the hanging string and top of ballon off. It should deflate the balloon. You will hear it crackle as it pulls away from the inside of the sugar shell. If balloon does not deflate – pop it 🙂

Next, pick the side where you want to cut the hole for the front where you will stuff all the grass and candy inside. 

Cut a hole out. 

Now you are ready to decorate your basket! I recommend wrapping lace or ribbon around the opening to cover up the sharp sugar string edges. Use hot glue to keep everything in place!

And the rest of the flair is up to you! I usually get flowers, leaves, and a small trinket or animal to go on top!