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How To Save Money On Meat PLUS My Price List!

Meat is expensive and you don’t typically see a coupon in your inserts that says Save $5.00 on Your Next Meat Purchase! Though it would be awesome if there were! Just imagine!

One of the top questions I get asked is how to save money on meat purchases and what are great prices on meat!

So I figured I would share here some of my tips to saving money on meat!

#1 – I would recommend being open to different cuts of meat as well as different kinds.

#2 – Meat Stickers!!! This is my biggest money saving strategy as far as meat goes!

My favorite store for meat is Albertsons! I can usually go in there and score some AWESOME meat deals thanks to Managers Stickers! I have seen meat with discounts up to $6.00 Off!!! Just recently I purchased 6lbs of Boneless Chicken Breasts for a grand total of $4.00 ($.66/lb.) The reason this meat has stickers on it is because it is close to it’s sell by date! Doesn’t mean you can’t take it home, freeze it and use later. Anytime I tell someone about how I get my meat so cheap, they always give me this weird look — like I’m buying rotten meat or something. I have been buying my meat this way for a long time — I promise you there is nothing wrong with it! 🙂 I have found that looking for these stickers is best to do in the morning because you will have more of a selection!

#3 – Watch for BOGO Free Sales. Not always are these the best of deals, just look at the price per lb after the discount to make sure it is a good price. Some stores do increase their price before they set up a BOGO Free Sale on meat.

#4 – I try to purchase meat to where I can make two meals out of it.

For example: I bought a 3lb Whole Fryer Chicken for $1.44 (had a meat sticker!)

Dinner 1 Rotisserie Style Chicken in the crock pot (I am a HUGE Crock Pot Fan!)
Dinner 2 Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup in the crockpot (used left over chicken from the night before)

#5 – If your store allows overage from coupons, you can use this to drop your meat price!

#6 –
Meal Plan. Plan your menu for the week around your stores meat sales. I have found an awesome site that has many big chain stores in it’s database and their weekly sales. This site is FREE and it can even show you recipes to make with this meat that is on sale! Head over and check out Food on the Table!

If you have any tips to add to this, please feel free to comment below!
Below you will see my price list for meat — Feel free to print this and keep it in your binder for your shopping trips!



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