Skintimate RR’s

So I just left Walgreens and after doing a few transactions, noticed that the RR’s weren’t beeping through. I was using one at a time, (that’s all my store allows) and the register wasn’t allowing the cashier to manually put the RR through either. A few different cashiers were stumped by this and called a manager over. He informed us that the $3 RR needs to be used on a purchase of $10 or more. Is anyone else having issues like this? I’ve never had problems with RR’s in the past, and the RR doesn’t state anything about using it towards a $10 purchase??
Also, they are putting the Skintimate Shave cream around the corner from the rest of the shave gels to make us hunt a bit 🙂 They say $3.99 on the tag, but ring up for $2.99.


  1. Heather & Dave says:

    Thanks, I thought it was strange! It happened on 3 different transactions…This was the Wags on 21st South & 900 East. I'll try using mine at a different wags. I don't like how you can only use 1 RR per transaction at this location anyways!