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Sparkling Limeade

Sparkling Limeade

We were recently at a family reunion, and my sister gave me a large bag of limes to take home.  I had no idea what to do with them, so I just set them in a bowl on my kitchen island.  Being that it is BBQ season, and we were getting together with some friends for the Fourth of July, I opted to use up those limes and make some limeade.  After checking out a few recipes, and trying to find one that was actually HOMEMADE, and not just using a frozen limeade in a tube, I found this one.  It was AMAZING!  A bit labor intensive, but SO worth the result.  I bet you could do the same method, but with lemons, and make a mighty tasty lemonade.

(I don’t have a price on this one as I never buy limes, and have NO clue how much they are, but I imagine this is not too spendy.  I also doubled the batch, so that is what the pictures show)


IMG_9478 (640x433)

8 limes

1 cup sugar

dash salt

5 cups water


IMG_9481 (640x427)

Zest limes and add to sugar and salt.

IMG_9483 (640x427)

Toss gently to coat, and then let sit for 1 hour.

IMG_9484 (640x427) IMG_9485 (640x427)

Juice limes, you should have about 1 cup.  Boil water and pour into sugar mixture.  Do NOT stir.  Let sit for 10-15 minutes.  Strain sugar water into a pitcher.  Add lime juice.  Chill.  Serve cold with club soda, sprite, whatever your spritzer of choice is.



  1. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for linking to my post.