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Step One: Go to the Source

Where to start?

 You’re surrounded by people wielding dangerously large binders speaking a strange language, using words like ‘doublers’, ‘stacking’, ‘BOGOs’ and ‘Catalinas’. At first, this might feel like a very foreign kingdom. Allow Discount Queens to warmly welcome you into your heritage, because you deserve to live like royalty, and we’re ready to show you how.

First and foremost, you need an influx of coupons, and you’ve got tons of source options.

Printable coupons

These days a high percentage of the coupons used are online and printable. Some good ones to start with are:



Smart Source.com


These are some of the main sources, but there’s a myriad of printable coupon offers for you to explore on hundreds of websites and Facebook pages. Printables often have a limit of 2 per customer, but if you’ve got more than one computer at home you can translate that into two per computer. The nice thing about printables is that you only print them when you need them, making your paper coupon inventory a little more manageable, something you’ll appreciate down the road.

*You might ponder the purchase of an inexpensive laser printer, and/or scope out places that recycle ink cartridges and resell them for less, as well as a good place to buy discounted paper. As coupons move more and more toward online printables, you’re going to be doing large amounts of printing.

The Sunday Paper

The paper is a good coupon source. We suggest purchasing a sample of one of each local paper. Look through each and decide which carries the most valuable coupons. If you’re not sure which one that is, ask a couponing friend, you know they’ll know!

Once you’ve established your favorite publication, get a subscription to the Sunday paper. You’re going to want multiple copies of it.  If you’re serious about saving big, this is the way to go. (Ask my friend with four kids who just took her entire family to Hawaii for a week with the money she’s saved couponing!) If you don’t want to buy that many papers, or can’t afford to (which will soon not be the case), for now you can ask non-couponing friends or family for their Sunday papers. They’re doing you a favor by donating the couponing inserts to the cause, and you’re doing them a favor by hauling their ever-multiplying newspapers away.

Once you’ve got the inflow of valuable coupons going, you’re going to need somewhere to store all of that  literal printed money.

Coming up next:

Where to Put it All?

Help getting organized with info on binders, folders, files and more!