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Store Brand Formula vs. Name Brand – Is there really a difference?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of storebrandformula.com for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’re a mom to small babies you’ll want to check out this article by Business Week. Looks like the dispute between the quality of name brand formula and generic formula has been officially solved by a Federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia. The court affirmed a 2009 verdict that found Mead Johnson Nutrition Company “engaged in false advertising in a mailing to more than 1.5 million people that said “store brand” infant formula was inferior to its Enfamil LIPIL.”

The News Week article goes on to say, “As the litigation history of the parties demonstrates, despite having twice been restrained from disseminating misleading advertising, Mead Johnson continued to do so,” Circuit Judge Andre Davis wrote. “PBM cannot fairly compete with Mead Johnson unless and until Mead Johnson stops infecting the marketplace with misleading advertising.” Yikes! As a consumer of infant formula, and the recipient of a LOT of mailers from Enfamil (LOL) this was agitating to read.

“The Court has made it clear that national brand and store brand suppliers are entitled to fairly compete and advertising abuses will not be tolerated,” said Perrigo Chairman and CEO Joseph C. Papa in a statement. “We also appreciate the Court’s recognition that PBM could lawfully compare its products to national brand products.”

So, it looks like us moms can rest easy knowing the MUCH less expensive store brand formula is of the same quality as the name brand product! Great news!! You can check out more information about store brands at storebrandformula.com.

I use formula as a supplement to breastfeeding, but even as a supplement the price adds up fast!  When I was buying about 2 years ago, I found some of the best prices on generic formula at Costco and Walmart. I’ve got a bun in the oven at the moment :), so I would love to hear any tips on where you find great deals on generic formula!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that generic is just as good as name brand? Do you buy store brands?

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  1. I use the costco brand formula. If you look at the ingredients table, it compares costco brand to Infamil and Similac. They are very similar, almost exactly the same.

  2. I have 4 kids and for the first two I used name brand and then the third I used store brand and it worked fine for me but with my last I had to buy name brand because everything else hurt her stomach….I tried several and I ended up using gerber good start gentle plus. Believe me I tried the store brands first because I didn’t nurse her as long….but in the end the good start won out. A couple months ago they had a 5 dollar off coupon and I got as many of those as I could and stocked up on formula to save some money.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I have used store brand with my last two babies (usually either Walmart or Target brand) because I remember after the big thing with it coming from China and all those babies dying and dogs dying from food made over there afterwards they said all store brand formulas had to be the same as name brand and held to the same quality standards. I especially appreciated being able to purchase for cheaper ($14-$15 as opposed to $33 and up) as DD2 had acid reflux and needed the formula for that which is only the second most expensive of all the formulas (the nurse when I had my last daughter called it the Cadillac of formulas due to its expense). Also my new daughter has a sensitive tummy and needs soy but she tolerates the Target brand the best but Walmart will do in a pinch.
    I often tell moms in the formula aisle about them having to have to adhere to the same standards as brand name formulas because in some instances its almost a $20 difference and I am a penny pinching saver by nature and hate to see people pay more for things when they dont have to!

  4. I really struggled with the idea of switching my son from Enfamil to Parents Choice. I did A LOT of research on it and went back and forth for weeks in regards to it but the last straw was when Enfamil jumped $1.50 raising it to almost $25.00 a can! I go through 1 in less than a week! I looked at the difference the only difference between the 2 is PC has 1 mg more of water. My son has been on Parents Choice for 2 week and is doing great on it! I never realized how tough some of these decisions would be but after not being able to breastfeed my son I had to resort to formula so of course I wanted to the next best thing which I just thought Enfamil was the best after using it for 4 months I now know I could have saved myself quite a bit of money!

  5. Breast is Best Always!!!

  6. I know this is a huge debate AND mystery to us consumers. For my boys, I decided to keep them on Enfamil for the first 2-3 mos while they were super tiny and becoming accustomed to this new world. This decision wasn’t based on any concrete info that store vs. name brand had any merit, I just decided to hedge my bets just in case. Also each pregnancy/birth I was given almost enough free formula to get my thru that 8-12 weeks from free samples and club sign ups and formula checks. Being terribly frugal, I couldn’t let that go to waste and it isn’t wise for baby’s stomach to go back and forth from brand to brand, so using the Enfamil first seemed like a decent idea. Then, for the remaining 9 ish months, I switched my babies to Parent’s Choice and it went great! Both boys did fine on it and I had no complaints (plus I saved hundreds of dollar$)!