Sunscreen at Walmert – Coppertone for less than $2 each!

If you have a Fred Meyer near by – you need to go grab some sunscreen coupons and take them to Walmart! At Fred Meyer, you’ll find yellow hanging coupons for $4/1 Coppertone and $2/1 Banana Boat (possibly $4/1 Banana Boat if your lucky). These are manufacturer coupons but read Fred Meyer on them. Walmarts in Idaho are now taking competitor coupons – they ring in fine!

Banana Boat sunscreen/tanning oil/bronzing lotion is priced at under $6 and Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50 start at about $6 as well.

(I wrote down all the prices, then left town and forgot to bring them! Sorry! I grabbed 3 Water Babies for less than $6 total!)