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Super Simple, DIY Craft Mold.

Ok, I realize that I should have posted this DIY before I showed you how to create your own glue gun embellishments. But, you know how the whole hindsight thing happens….so, yeah. I apologize! 🙂

I wanted to show you how to make your own craft molds because they’re super easy to do and it’s so much cheaper than spending money on the ones sold in craft stores. Not only will you save money making your own molds but you can create as many molds as your heart desires. You’ll never be limited to what the store shelves have again!

So, here’s how to create your very own (EASY) craft molds.


All you need is air-dry modeling clay, powder (any kind), and any object you find that you’d like to recreate.

*Now, I used store bought polymer clay because I already had it on hand. You DO NOT need to buy a special kind of clay. You can make your own (thanks, Pinterest!).

Find the object you want to use to create your mold. (I used an earring)


Now, take a chunk of clay and roll it into a smooth ball and press it out flat; the same way you would if you were getting ready to use a cookie cutter.

Once your clay is laid out and ready, prep your object by giving it a generous dusting of powder.


Take your powdered covered object and press it firmly into your clay.


Now, pull your object out of your clay in a straight upwards motion so you don’t ruin your impression.

Don’t worry! If it doesn’t come out right the first time, just start the process over until you get an impression you love. Once you do, simply leave your clay out to dry.


Your craft molds will be ready to use as soon as your clay is completely dry.

That’s it!

See! I told you it was easy!

I hope you enjoy using your molds! Remember, you can use your impression to create glue gun embellishments which you can then turn into jewelry, cell phone trinkets, bobby pin toppers, and so much more!

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