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Tips & Tricks: Avoiding Email and Facebook Spam

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We recently received an email from a reader concerned about Facebook coupons and spam email. Her letter was much like a number of other we have received in the past. So, we thought we would address this topic and share with all of you how we deal with some of the spam and junk mail that seems to part of the coupon-printing experience.

The only real way to avoid companies and manufacturers from bombarding your inbox with advertising is to simply not release you email. This means you wouldn’t be able to receive newsletters (legit ones with coupon savings) and you also wouldn’t be able to sign up for many of the Facebook offers or contests. This is a total bummer for a serious couponer! So, we’ve come up with a few ideas on how to help ease the frustrations while still getting you hands (aka printers) on the goods.

  • Use a different email address for coupon offers, sweepstakes, brand newsletters, etc… This is a very easy and simple fix that should eliminate a ton of stress. Email addresses are free and easy to acquire. Save your main email for family and friends (and work if needed), and use a second email for all coupon related subscriptions.
  • Use a separate Facebook account for “liking” companies and brands. Same concept as above, just substitute “Facebook account” with “email address”. This will save you from feeling like your personal life is being invaded or bombarded with offers and advertisements.
  • “Unsubscribe.” So smart, I know :). If you really want to participate in an email offer, but the company forces you to subscribe to a newsletter, it’s not that big of a deal. If it’s a legit business (you want to be sure it is), you’ll find a link at the bottom of the newsletter that says “unsubscribe.” Legally they are obligated to provide this option. Just click it.
  • Verify the business before you sign up! If it’s a brand, company or web site that you are unfamiliar with, you can verify it’s legitimacy in a few ways. Type the business name into the Better Business Bureau. Not all legitimate business are registered with the BBB, but it’s a good start.  You can also check out web-based business by searching the domain name registry using WHOIS. Also, look around the website for contact numbers, this can be an indicator that the business is customer service oriented (though not always).

*Side Note*
Second emails or Facebook accounts don’t have o be “fake” or fradulant. They are still owned and operated by you and can still be a reflection of you as a consumer. I actually love checking my “junk mail”. It’s one of the main ways I find great deals and sales!

Do have any other tips to share? Please let us know how you avoid the spam and scams, just leave a comment below!