Need a new tote for that binder?

I love these totes. I have to take my binder everywhere, so I guess I should have a cute bag to put it in!!! 🙂


On Clearance for $6.98, reg. $19.99…. that is 65% savings!! 🙂

The daily deals site at Target  has tons to offer!!! Check it out. My computer is bookmarked to the clearance section where I found this lovely tote! Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Belinda Flynn says:

    I want one and the binder.

    • I want one too! It seems like ages ago now, but when I first started I got all my binder supplies at Target! Their prices are decent, and their baseball card holders (which I use for my coupons) are of pretty good quality!

  2. That $20 Target gift card would come in handy for this one! 😉 Thinking about grabbing a few of these for my bridesmaids. 🙂

  3. Tracey Taylor says:

    the shipping for one is 4.99 so you could only get one with a $20 gift card.I think I will pass on this deal. thanks anyway