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Take your Towels from Drab to Fab!

We’ve talked a lot about laundry around here! We’ve learned how to get oil out of our clothes, how to brighten our clothes back up without bleach, make our own fabric softener, make our own dryer sheets, and even how to make your own laundry detergent!  So is it any surprise that we have ANOTHER way to revamp your laundry routine? 😉

So, have you ever noticed how nice your towels soak up water when you first get them and then they start to get sort of hard and don’t soak up as much as they used to? Well, I’ve got a fix for you!!


Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Vinegar

HA! Awesome huh?

Of course you’re going to need your normal laundry detergent too.

Here’s what I’m starting with…


You can almost see how hard they are! Sometimes I think these things could literally stand on their own! That’s a scary thought but it’s not as bad as trying to dry off with these towels! It feels like something between a towel and sandpaper and of course, it won’t fully dry you off unless you take a layer or two of skin off too (I’m kidding but it I still hate it).

When you’re ready to do a load of towels, all you have to do is add a half cup of vinegar to your fabric softener catch.

IMG_7493_opt Add your normal laundry detergent and start your cycle. Try not to add more detergent then you need. This is part of the reason the towels stop absorbing water. Also, be sure to wash in HOT water! You want to get rid of all the nasty germs that like to hang on to these grimy towels!

Once your towels have been washed and you’re ready to dry, place your towels into your dryer and SKIP the dryer sheets! I know this sounds counterproductive but dryer sheets add another layer of “slick” to our towels that prevent them from absorbing water like they’re supposed to.

That’s it! This is a very easy fix to a not so nice problem! Don’t be surprised if you’re family members notice the difference right away!

This happened to my towels almost the exact minute I placed them down to fold…


Yes! “Snuggly”, soft perfection!

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  1. I keep forgetting about this….thanks for the reminder, my towels definitely need this TLC.

  2. stop using fabric softner on your towels and they will be absorbent for longer. like your fabric softner, then your only option is vinegar…it cuts the “stuff” (i.e. soap and softner) that builds up in your laundry over time.

  3. What if I don’t have a fabric softener catch thing? Can I just add the vinegar with my detergent at the beginning of my load?

  4. This worked great for me for a while, then my towels started to look splotchy….like they’d been bleached. I’ve read that you should dilute the vinegar with water 50/50. Will have to try that on my new towels.