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Twine Wrapped Bottles


I have been in dire want of more home decor, I don’t really need any, I just wanted my house to have a bit more.  We have tall ceilings in our house, and the top of our bookshelves have just looked really empty.  Sometimes over certain holidays there are decorations up there, but in general, it is empty, and looks like it could use something.  These twine wrapped bottles were SO easy!!  And for practically no cost at all, I was able to make 6 of these!!  You can use any type of bottle…beer and wine bottles I think worked best for my space, but you could just use glass pickle jars or something too.  I got my twine at Joann’s for $2.49, and was able to fully wrap 6 bottles, with a bit leftover.  Originally I had plans to embellish the bottles with some buttons, but opted for the more simplistic look.  With some pretty fake yellow Gerber daisies, I like the final outcome.


IMG_3732 (387x580)

Glass bottles

twine or yarn

glue gun

embellishments (optional)


IMG_3739 (580x387)

Starting at the base, tack your twine down on the bottle with a thin strip of glue.  Attach twine.  Continue wrapping and tacking in place.  Near the bottom you need to tack a bit more.

IMG_3741 (580x387)

 As you work your way up the bottle, you should be able to tack it after wrapping the twine around the bottle every 3-4 times.