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Understanding Your Coupons

I found some awesome information at Shopping With Cents that I thought you’d all like to know. Here’s what Hollie had to share:

We all love to clip our coupons and save a few dollars but do you know what the bar codes on your coupons mean. There is a great deal of information that you can get from them.

Step1::Gather a couple coupons for items that you have in your cabinet. This will help you to compare and learn to read the coupons more. Let’s take a closer look at the bar code from the coupon above.

Step2::The number 5 always starts the coupon code. The next five numbers are the manufacturer’s code. What you buy with this coupon will have to have a matching manufacturer’s code. The next three digits are called the “family code” and designate the family of products that are included in the offer. The next two digits are the “value code”. These two numbers are VERY IMPORTANT! Just because a coupon says you get $1.00 off if you buy 12 cans of fruit does not mean that is what you have to buy. Recently there was a fruit coupon that read this way but the code really indicated that you have to only buy 4. Imagine how much you can save by knowing the codes. In the links below is a pdf file of the common value codes.

Step3::Ready… Set…. GO!I know you are already pulling out your coupons. Don’t forget to share the article with everyone else you know that is a coupon clipper and print off the common value codes below.

Coupon Value Code PDF

Credit to: KRLawrence, eHow Member for this wonderful explanation.