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Update on Kellogg’s Rebate – BAD News!


Bad news! The people over at The Beautiful Frugal Life have discovered that the $10 rebate on Kellogg’s is ONLY meant for AARP members, and was never meant to go viral:

“I received an email from reader Angela this morning who contacted Kellogg’s about additional participating cereals and they responded with this:

  • Thank you for contacting Kellogg Company about the Kellogg’sâ„¢ Gas Rewards Card.  This offer is only available to registered AARP members.

I went through all the fine print again and checked out the actual offer page, but couldn’t find anything that said you must be an AARP member to take advantage of this offer.  I did find this though:

  • Neither this offer nor the Official Order Form may be published, posted or otherwise displayed and/or offered for sale in any electronic or other venue without Kellogg Company’s express written permission.”

I would still go ahead and submit your rebate if you have already purchased the cereal. Because the rebate does not specifically limit reimbursement in the fine print, I would assume you will be reimbursed. I really can’t imagine that Kelloggs, a coupon savvy manufacturer, would not reimburse the claims.

That being said, I wouldn’t make any future purchases based on this assumption, not that we have more facts.

Sorry guys!!!!!!!


  1. Well that stinks…I just sent my rebate for in yesterday, guess I will let you know how it works out 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    Me too! Rebates, two of them, sent out yesterday. I can say that even if I dont get reimbursed, the 3 for $5 cereal deal at Albertsons with the free gallon of milk was still completely worth it! Will let you know if it works out as well:)

  3. Kjirsten says:

    I keep reading conflicting messages from other websites…some say Kellogs released a statement saying this deal is for everyone while some say its only for AARP…guess we will find out! 🙂

    • I honestly think Kelloggs is confused :). I’m sure anyone that submits will get reimbused. It would be quit the fiasco if they didn’t at this point. The offer just was not clear enough.