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Update on Albertsons Coupon Policy

Here is the latest information I have for two of the Meridian Albertsons:

The Albertsons on McMillan/Eagle is not allowing you to use coupons at self checkout starting today. ALL coupons must go through a regular line. They also will only take a coupon if you are purchasing what is pictured or described on the coupon.

The Albertsons on Fairview/Meridian will also only take coupons that are for the product pictured or described. I spoke to their manager Travis this morning and he indicated that even if the coupon scans, they are not to use it because they won’t get reimbursed.

As for the other Albertsons in the area, it is a store by store decision and I don’t know their policies. You can always ask. I have a feeling they are all starting to go this route. Travis said they had a conference call last week regarding this very issue and they are trying to figure out the best approach to take with coupons.

Just remember to ‘play by the rules’. If you have any doubt, ask a manager. Don’t try to be sneaky or squeeze something through. We want to try to do everything possible to keep good relationship with the stores so they will want us to keep coming. It appears that some of these policy changes have been because some are abusing the process. These stores are doing some great deals, and we need to do what we can to make sure they keep on coming. I have my own opinions on what I think a store should or shouldn’t do. But my opinion is mine and not the stores. Abide by their rules, be polite, and ask if you want clarification. Cashiers, managers and couponers will all be much happier if we can do this!!!