Update on Albertsons gas rewards

I have noticed in the last month or so it seems like I have not racked up the gas rewards like I use to. Well come to find out there have been some significant changes.
1st- If you look at the bottom of your receipt it now says up to $1.50 off per gallon OR up to a combined total of 20 gas rewards issuances, whichever is less. Anything above that will roll over to your next transaction. In other words you can only use what you earn on 20 transactions at a time. Not good if most of your transactions are used with doublers.
2nd- Your preferred card number is printed on your receipt. Keep track of your receipts. There has been talk of people getting their gas rewards stolen because someone found their receipt and used their number.
3rd- Rewards expire 90 days from date of issuance.
4th- As far as I know you can still get $1 car wash at Albertsons on Wednesdays. 8 gallon min purchase and you must buy your car wash inside not at the pump to get this price.

As a side note have you noticed that when you get a survey on the bottom of your receipt you only have a week to complete it? Don’t let them expire before you call or fill out the online form. Which I am loving by the way!!