Walgreens Scenario

I’ve been neglecting good old Walgreen’s lately, sorry Walgreen’s!

Here is a couple scenarios for this week Register Reward Deals. If your new to Register Rewards and shopping at Walgreen’s see our Wags 101 post HERE.

Remember, if you use a RR that you receive form buying item A, you can not buy another item A and receive another RR. You can however rotate RRs between items. Ex: Buy Item A and receive RR. Buy Item B and use RR from item A. Then buy item A again and use the RR from item B. That sounds confusing! Let me show you in my scenarios:

Buy (2) Advil -$4.49
Use (2)
$2/1 PM Printable, or $2/1 from the 1/31 or 11/15 Red Plum insert
Pay – $4.99

-Get $5 RR

Buy (1) Blink Tears .34- .5 oz – $7.99
$1.50/1 Printable
Use $5 RR from previous transaction
Pay – $1.49
Get – $7.99 RR

Buy (4)DayQuil or NyQuil – $5 each
Use (4) $2 off from the 1/17 Proctor and Gamble insert

Use $7.99 RR from previous transaction
Pay – $3.99
Get – $10 Register Reward

Then Buy (1) Joint Juice – $10
Use $10 RR from previous transaction
Pay – tax
Get -$10 RR

So you will end up paying out of your pocket $10.47 and you will walk away with a $10 Register Reward – basically like cash at Walgreen’s. So your final cost would be $.47 for all of the above – retail value of $47.97! If you do not have the DayQuil coupons – that’s ok – just skip that transaction (but $2.50 after RR’s for this stuff is still a good deal)!

Got all that? There is one little catch, of course. You will more than likely need a “filler” item b/c you will be using more coupons (RR counts as a coupon) than you have items. You’ll get use to this at Walgreen’s. I would suggest a $.10 – $.20 pencil, or something like that.

(Then while your there, print this Post Shredded Wheat coupon – $2/1 Printable and buy a box for $1 – Final Price = Free plus possible overage!)