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Walgreens Weekly Deals: 5/1 – 5/7


Here are the best deals I see in this week’s Walgreens ad.

Mentos 15 ct – $1
Use $.50/1 (from 3/20 SS insert)
Final Price = $.50

Butterball Chicken Broth – $.50 w/ in ad coupon

Dawn Dish Detergent – $.99
Use $.20/1 (from 5/1 PG insert)
Final Price = $.79

Tylenol Precise – $7.99
Use $5/1 Printable
AND use $3/1 (from May in store coupon book)
Final Price = FREE!

Scotch Tap and Padded Mailers – $.39 w/ in ad coupon (good filler item!)

Register Reward Deals:

Cottonelle 12 ct TP – $5
– Buy 2, get $3 RR (better deal)
– Buy 3, Get $4 RR
Use $.50/1 (2) Printable or Printable
AND use $1/1 (from May in store coupon book)
Final Price = $2 for each 12 pack after RR!

GUM Flossers – $2
-Buy 1, Get $2 RR
Final Price = FREE after RR!

U Kotex Products – 2/$7
-Buy 2, Get $2 RR
Use $1/1 (from 4/17 SS insert)
Final Price = $1.50 each after RR

Gillette Fusion Proglide – $9.89
-Buy 1, Get $5 RR
Use $4/1 (from 5/1 PG)
Final Price = $.89 after RR

Bic Razor – $5.99
-Buy 1, Get $2 RR
Use $3/1 )from 4/10 SS)
Or use $2/1 Printable (or from 3/27)
Final Price = $.99 after RR

Noxema Razors – $3.99
-Buy 1, get $3 RR
Use $2/1 (from 5/1 SS)
Final Price = Make $1.01 after RR

Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner – 2/$8
-Buy 2, Get $2 RR
Use B1 Shampoo G1 Free (from 4/17 RP insert)
Final Price = 4 for 6 or $1.50 each after RR

Pantene Hair Care – 2/$7
-Buy 2, Get $1 RR
Use $3/2 (from 5/1 PG)
Final Price = 2 for 3 or $1.50 each after RR

Aussie or Herbal Essences – $2.99
-Buy 1, Get $1 RR
Use B1g1 free (from 3/13 SS insert)
AND use (1) $.50/1 (from 5/1 PG)
Final Price = $1.49 for 2 after RR or $.75 each

Right Guard Total defense or Dry Idea Deodorant/Antiperspirant $2.99
-Buy 1, Get $2 RR
Use B1G1 Free Right Guard or Dry Idea (from 5/1 Rp insert)
Final Price = 2 for $.99 or $.50 each after RR

Right Guard Body Wash – Buy One get One Free
Use b1G1 Free (from 5/1 RP)
Final Price = 2 for free

Colgate Oral Care – 2/$5
-Buy 2, Get $1 RR
Use $.75/ Toothpaste (from 5/1 RP)
Or use $.75 Toothbrush (from 5/1 RP)
Final Price = $1.25 each after RR

Lysol Disinfectant – $3.49
-Buy 1, Get $1 RR
Use $1/1 Printable (2 links)
Final Price = $1.49 after RR


  1. pamela maciejewski says:

    Ok i am royally confused so could anyone explain the whole right guard bodywash b1g1 thing to me as to “do i need to have a total of 3 bottles when i get up to the register buying 1 getting 2 free or do i just need 2 bottles total when i get to the register and if so how is it that you can get 2 free if it states buy 1 get 1?” please advise – thanks

  2. Destiny says:

    They are buy one get one free (instore sale) so take up 2 bottles, than use your B1G1 free coupons and you get both bottles free.

  3. My New Jersey paper didn’t have the Right Guard Body Wash coupon or the Noxema razors coupon, which would have made me a lot happier. Seems to be a lot of regional difference in the SS and RP inserts.

  4. Will the store allow you to buy their free one to get both free?

  5. Just got back from Walgreens. The rep did not let me use the 50cents Cottonelle Coupon with the May Walgreens $1 Cottonelle coupon. She said that Walgreens considers these coupons (out of the May booklets) as Manufacturer coupons so they can only allow me to use one. However, I can buy however many toilet papers I want and they’ll take $1 off each. Is this right? Do they not allow you stack other manufacturer’s coupons w/ their Coupon booklet coupons?

    Also, does anyone know if I have 2 50 cent coupons for items that were 39 cents, can I still use them? The rep was also telling me that I couldn’t b/c that would be like they’re giving them to me for free, so I must buy 3 39cent items.

    My Walgreens is very inconsistent and isn’t coupon friendly, so I’m assuming she probably was just being difficult.