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Walmart: Energizer Battery Rebate = batteries for just .37!


There’s a HOT $10 rebate available on Energizer batteries!  Head into Walmart to get a package for just .37!

Buy (2) Energizer Batteries @ $6.37
use (2) $1/1 Energizer Batteries coupon (from 10.27 SS Insert)
OOP: $10.37
Submit for $10 Energizer Walmart Gift Card Rebate
Final Price $0.74 or just $0.37 each

Thanks I Love My Coupon Fans!


  1. james garver 636-542-1043 call and or email says:

    I just bought $43.85 in Energizer batteries, hopeing I would be able to get the $10. Walmart coupon as stated on the display in the store. It said to redeem package codes
    online. Sounds easy. However, I can not find package codes, can not find instructions
    on line. One place said to use (2) $1/1 Energizer Batteries coupon(from 10.27 SS Insert).
    What is that. Some of us do not understand the tech talk, if that is what that is. I need some help or I will be taking these batteries back and go to Target for my batteries for
    the smoke alarms, and so will my neighbors. Can some one help? Thanks

    • james garver 636-542-1043 call and or email says:

      I just received the “instructions” . The packages that I bought ALL have the blue sticker
      on the front of the package offering a $10 WALMART gift card by mail and redeem package codes online. Now, are the codes in the in the package as it says
      “special code inside”. Or, are they online, or, where are they, or, does any of you
      know. Can any one tell me? Does anyone know what I am asking? Can any one help?
      You would think that if I bought a package of “specially” marked batteries that says
      “special code inside”, then there would be a code inside the specially marked package that says there is a code inside the “specially marked package”. Or, maybe I have to go
      online to get the special code, but how do you get the special code without a special code? Not only that, but now I need TWO special codes, for ONE offer. How do I get TWO special codes???
      I am guessing that I may have to call the t.v. station and ask them if they ever heard of “specially” marked packages that do not contain a code. And if you have to go on line to get TWO special codes, how do you do that without a special code.
      Who’s on first.
      After you are all done laughing, some one please call me and tell me
      where I am going wrong here. James Garver Email [email protected] 636-542-1043

      • The codes are inside the blue tag on the front! You have peel it open very carefully. My problem is typing in the energizer.com/giftcard and no instructions are there. Now what do I do? Mary 731_686_0260

  2. Same has happened with me. The blue sticker says codes are inside but there is noc code inside or outside. Will walmart receipt or something els help