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We can all help save water

Hopefully you pulled this insert out of your Sunday paper before you recycled it. It has a bunch of ways that we can all work together to conserve water, energy and $$$! In the back, it also include two coupons…one for a free rain sensor to put on you sprinklers, and one for a free conservation kit…for United Water Idaho customers. I will include some of the water saving tips.
1. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.
2. Fix the drip…repair your leaky faucets.
3. Put a nozzle on the hose when washing cars, instead of letting the hose run.
4. Mow your grass high (at least 3″) for natural shading and moisture retention.
5. Make sure your sprinklers are properly adjusted and not watering your sidewalks
and driveway.
6. Cover your pool to prevent evaporation.
7. Use a broom for cleaning debris instead of spraying it with a hose.
8. Fix your leaking toilets.
9. Save a stamp by signing up for e-billing.
10. Don’t forget to get your free conservation kit and rain sensor by bringing your
coupons to: 8248 W. Victory Rd.