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What is your Couponing Motivation?

This past week I seem to have run into everyone I know at the grocery store! It is fun to see people out there and share the deals we are finding. It is not fun when I hear people frustrated that they are working hard using coupons but feel like they are still not saving money. I want to address this and hope I can turn some frustration into MOTIVATION.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll we had on our sidebar last week asking you how much you spend in a month on groceries for a family of 4. Most of you fall in the “More than $300 a month” range. A few of you are below that (way to go!) and I am sure some of you spend a lot more than that. Wherever you fall with your grocery budget, you may still be frustrated with how much you are spending and want to spend less. Over the next few days I want to give you some tools that will help you save money whatever your budget is. Keep your overall budget amount in mind and use these tools to help you cut $$$$ out of your budget.

1. Find your motivation
2. Couponing the right way for YOU
3. Saving money in little ways can add up1.

Why are you working so hard couponing? And, ladies, it is hard work. You spend hours clipping and sorting. Not to mention the endless trips to multiple stores. Oh, and the time spent defending your new “hobby” to your husband…Here are just a few of the reasons people are couponing:

It is the newest “fad” and friends are doing it together

It is very fun to get great bargains (I call it retail therapy)

You want to save a little money so you have more to spend in other areas

You MUST spend less money because of job loss, lower salary, increased living expenses, etc.

All of these are great reasons to start or continue couponing. Whatever your motivation is, identify it and passionately commit to it. This will help you focus your time and energy on the long-term benefits of couponing and help you from being frustrated.

What is my motivation?
I have not taken up couponing as a new hobby (I am busy enough as it is…) I am blessed that my husband makes a good salary and we can live comfortably without needing to race to Albertson’s as soon as double coupons are printed to get things for free.

My motivation is this:
“Live like no one else so that later you can live like no one else.”

This may not make sense to anyone who has never heard of Dave Ramsey. But it basically means that I am willing to make sacrifices today so that my family can be enriched for years to come with financial security and the ability to help other people through our resources. Basically, I use every penny I save through couponing to pay off debt. My cars, student loans, eventually even my house. Couponing is part of my plan to be COMPLETELY debt-free. At the rate my husband and I are going, we should be debt-free in less than 10 years. Yep, this INCLUDES our home. I don’t just rely on couponing to do this. If I did, I would be REALLY frustrated from time to time and feel like I wasn’t really getting ahead. My husband and I focus on not just saving money, but also on finding new ways to earn money. I love the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. It is a book that can help EVERYONE no matter your financial situation. Go buy it. Go visit http://www.daveramsey.com/. Who knows, you might just find your motivation. OK, now that you all know way too much personal information, I will get down off my (free with coupons) soapbox…

Because I know what my motivation is, I don’t get too frustrated when the store is all out of a specific item I wanted at a bargain price. I don’t feel like I have to buy 100 bottles of BBQ Sauce just because they are free. I know that deals will come around again, and sometimes they will be even better. I save money when I can on my groceries, but I keep focused on my long-term goals. This helps me from being frustrated.

What is your motivation? Leave a comment so all Discount Queens can read and learn from you.

In the next couple of days I will talk about two other ways to help keep the frustration away:”Couponing the right way for YOU” & “Saving money in little ways can add up”