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Which stores are your "good" stores?

I was reading through some past comments adn one particular comment left on a Walgreens post inspired me :). A poor coupon shopper had $100 worth of products in her basket and was turned away, leaving hte store empty handed, after being told she could only purchase one of each item and only use one of each coupon – a new rule, likely imposed by an unknowing manager. I’m sure most of us can count numerous shopping trips and hours spent searching and calculating transactions, only to turned away by a cashier or supervisor who has a “new policy.”
I think it’s a good idea for us couponers to support and encourage the “nice” stores by and discourage the not so nice ones (by choosing to shop other locations).
Conveniently, Discount Queen readers are mostly local ( I think 70% or so), so how about we share some of our stores. Good and bad. You can share any store – Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, Albertsons – as many or as few as you like. In exchange – I’ll share mine! So if your going to use my stores, it would only be fair to share yours too right 🙂 ? If your not local – leave a comment anyway – we have a lot of Northwestern readers as well! (Plus – if no one comments it’s going to be embarrassing for me:).)

My Favorites:

Albertsons: Cherry/Meridian and Columbia Village
Walgreens: Ustick/Eagle and Linder/McMillan
Rite Aid: Orchard/Overland
Target: Eagle/Chinden (though I don’t love shopping any w/ coupons)
Walmart: Fairview/Eagle (much better lately!) or Greenhurst