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What would you do if you were the lucky winner of this prize? What would you buy first?

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I only filled out the first part of it then it said that my entry was in. I closed out after that and didn’t do any of the offers. 🙂 Save the spam for someone else!


  1. Lisa Trentham says:

    Pay off all our debt, then fix up the house, then INVEST THE REST!! 😀

  2. Debbie Havill says:

    I would pay all my family’s bills off and get my sister her own house. Get my mom and dad a new house

  3. Ryan M. Hailey says:

    We would pay all our Family and our own debts off. Setup our children a college fund and then help those in our community that are in need.

  4. Kimberly Laverty says:

    Health and dental insurance and my kiddos college. Help our local 4 H.

  5. I would pay off our house, go on some vacations, & then surprise random people with paying things for them! I would love to teach my kids how fun it can be to give to others!

  6. Dana Glass says:

    Pay off all my debts and help my family with theirs!

  7. JackieToo says:

    You mean after I picked myself up off the floor? Student loans are probably the biggest thing. My mind stops at that…doesn’t want to get too excited. 😀

  8. Be able to pay for my husband to have his knee surgery which is ten years past due. with bills, moving from job to job and four kids he has suffered quietly for ten years without complaint and now it would be his turn to enjoy life without constant pain in his knee.

  9. I would Love to Win Publisher Clearing House..