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End of Year Teacher Art Gift

I had seen something similar to this on Etsy, they were asking $35! I loved the idea but not the price.  I thought for sure I could make it for less. I went to Pinterest to see what I could find on the how to. *side note, don’t you just hate it when a pin goes no where, so annoying. After finding some that went to a bad link I finally found one that I could actually use.
You could also make one for Mother’s Day! 😉

Lets get crafting! Go to Tagxedo Here is the home screen below homepageOn the left side of the page go to shape.  Pick your shape.  I used an Apple. Next on the left side of the page you are going to hit Load.  This is where you add in your words. I just used all the kids names in class and the teacher. Leave the webpage area blank. You could add a ton of other words too that fit with your Art. {Like Kindergarten, reading, writing, recess etc}

loadscreenAfter you have entered your names hit submit. It doesn’t matter what order you do this step in, pick your shape first then enter the names or the other way around.

Next your are going to make it pretty.  Here is where you change the color of the names, the font and the layout inside the apple.

On the left side under Load here are the titles and what each do: Save/Share: This is where you will save {or print like I did} or share your finished project Color: this shifts the COLOR, play around with it.  I hit the shuffle button a few times. Theme: this gives you choices of color themes or combos.  You can choose your own or shuffle Font: this is for the words inside your apple, changes the font of them. Orientation: this is for the direction of the words.  Click on each one to see how it changes and pick the one you like. Layout: this moves/shifts the words around in a different order Under Options Shape: pick your shape {you can even make your own word and add words in it} Word/Layout Options: here you can change the word count and if you want replication of the words.

It sounds complicated but it is so easy!  I think it took me a total of 30 minutes or less. I hit the save/share then went to print.  I printed it on regular paper to see what it would look like. I then took some left over card stock I had and cut it to size and printed it on that. You could even do color card stock, you just have to make sure your colors in the apple show up on your color paper.

There you have it!  Easy Peasy 🙂

Here are the completed Teacher Gifts I did this year:


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  1. SO CUTE!!! Where did you get the frames?

  2. Thank you! I just picked up white frames from a local thrift store and then painted them to match the colors that were in the names.