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Yearly Journal


I am horrible at keeping track of important milestones, dates etc.
I used to write in a journal but then some nights I would forget then that one night would turn into two and so on…

I saw a pin awhile back that put it all into one by cutting up note cards and putting them in a dish.  I tend to lose things
so I needed another option.

Enter a journal 🙂

What you will need:
~A journal with enough pages
~Pen or marker
~Stamps {optional}

You don’t have to get as fancy as I did.
I went through and stamped out the month and day for the whole year starting with January.
You can easily write it out just as good, I have crapping hand writing so I opted for cute stamps! 😀

Then under each day you just write the year.  Then write out something you want to remember from that day.
The next line will be the next year on that day.

So for instance May 25th 2014 I would write learned to ride bikes without training wheels. Then under that would 2015 🙂

Now I have something that just takes a few minutes at night to record the day, is all in one spot and something that my kids will be able to look back through when they are older!

I made one for each of them.  I have enough lines to go until my son is 21, eek! 😀

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